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Now Iíve had Netflix for just about six months. I started my subscription right before I had knee surgery, and well, I canít imagine not having it. Talk about convenience. All that is needed is:

  • Setup an account online,
  • Queue up your movie selection(s), and
  • Thatís it! Your movies will begin coming in the mail immediately.

Of course, pay your subscription.

I joined the middle-of-the-road membership plan ($13.99 per month) where I receive unlimited movies, but two at a time (i.e., I receive two DVDs in the mail for unlimited watching and renting time at any given time). In order to truly take advantage of this membership and/or any other membership with Netflix is once you receive the movies, set aside some time to watch them. Period! You can even change your movie queue at any point in time without causing a problem. Not to mention, they have a truly impressive collection of movies including thousands of independent films and hard to find movies.

I love the selection of movies! Now within my membership I have only received one broken DVD. All I had to do was let them know via my online account and mail it back in their self-stamped envelop. They replaced the DVD immediately.

Another bonus is they provide you with self-stamped envelopes to easily mail back the DVDs and their distribution centers are all over the place. In fact, we have two in my area where my DVDs come from, resulting from rapid fast delivery (i.e., one or two days receipt).

Recently Netflix added a new service Ė WatchInstantly, which allows members to watch a large collection of movies online at any time. Movies available to watch instantly appear on the Netflix web site with a "Play" button. The first time you click Play on a compatible PC, you'll be asked to download and install the free Netflix Movie Viewer software; after that, playback will start quickly - usually in 30 seconds or less. The system requirements to watch movies instantly are as follows: a computer running...

  • running Windows Vista or Windows XP with Service Pack 2
  • Internet Explorer version 6 or higher
  • Windows Media Player version 11
  • a broadband Internet connection
  • and the FREE Netflix Movie Viewer software (which we prompt you to install the first time you instantly view a movie).

In closing, looking back at my membership and everything I wrote about, the main appeal is the convenience of not having to go to a Blockbuster or Hollywood Video.

I highly recommend you give Netflix a quick trial run. In fact, take a trial run on me by click here. Iím certain, you will not be disappointed!

Flawless service!



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