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This section is dedicated to online topics and discussions (journalism) for general public consumption.
Digital Divide: An Equation Needing A Solution
An examination between groups regarding their ability to use technology effectively.
The Unstoppable Woman's Guide to Emotional Well-Being
The ground breaking, empowering book written by 24 female authors, coaches, and professional women share how you can be an unstoppable woman while maintaining emotional wellness. This book is an international delight! With authors from Hong Kong, South Africa, and the United States, you will surely find this to be a remarkably diverse set of ideals that will act as a springboard to your unavoidable happy destination.
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xChange is a FREE quarterly electronic newsletter (e-newsletter), designed and prepared with individuals and small businesses in mind with every keystroke.  The e-newsletter includes topics such as:

  • technology trends

  • gadget highlights

  • small business spotlights

  • how-to's?

  • case studies

  • . . . to name a few

In addition, we have develop a blog area dedicated for our subscriber base to further discuss their thoughts and opinions on topics from our publication.

What is a Blog?

Blog is short for Web log.  I recognized that blogging is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored, or postpone or delegated.  Many mainstream media companies will have to address this phenomenon in order to raise the bar of electronic acceptance as they have with e-mail alerts, interactive web sites (links), text messaging, etc...  Click here for more details.


Our subscription base has already grown to over a hundred readers. 

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Must See Digital Divide Flyer

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