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Digital Divide: An Equation Needing A Solution
An examination between groups regarding their ability to use technology effectively.
The Unstoppable Woman's Guide to Emotional Well-Being
The ground breaking, empowering book written by 24 female authors, coaches, and professional women share how you can be an unstoppable woman while maintaining emotional wellness. This book is an international delight! With authors from Hong Kong, South Africa, and the United States, you will surely find this to be a remarkably diverse set of ideals that will act as a springboard to your unavoidable happy destination.
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Business / Home Safety Tips

  1. Always back up and test your back up!  Keep current copies of important data offsite.
  2. To avoid data loss and program corruption, always exit programs before shutting down your computer.
  3. All computer equipment should be used with high-quality surge protectors or line conditioners.
  4. Never turn off peripheral devices while the computer is on or when the disk is active - this may cause directory damage.
  5. Never reformat your drive without testing your backup.  If you use tapes, be sure you are familiar with the backup software before archiving important data.
  6. Do NOT move or jar a drive while it is operating.  When transporting a drive, prevent jostling by using a padded container.
  7. All adequate space around external drives' cooling vents; remove books, papers, etc., which might block air flow. Do not put the drive on carpeting.
  8. As a general rule, if you are comfortable, the climate is appropriate for the drive.  Avoid rapid temperature changes.  If the drive was previously in a very cold environment, allow your drive to warm up to room temperature before operating.
  9. Use extreme caution when using software utilities - in cases of severe corruption or mechanical failure this may make the problem worse.
  10. If you hear unusual noises, turn off the unit immediately.  These sounds may indicate a mechanical problem that could ultimately result in total data loss.


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