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Can purchasing a new PC save you money?

Tricky question. . .

Higher maintenance costs, reduce productivity and increased security risks may mean the PCs you bought a few years ago are costing you more than you think.

Today's desktop PC's can actually save you money plus money. Here's how:

  • When wait-time goes down, productivity goes up even for the home user. New PC's based on Intel™ Pentium 4 processors can significantly improved performance and responsiveness, especially for today's multitasking person (i.e., on the phone, checking e-mail, writing a letter, watching television, listening to music, etc...).
  • Protect your data. Hackers and virus attacks cost businesses billions each year. There are not clear statistics how much it cost home users but it wouldn't surprise me if it's in the ballpark of that number considering you don't have the same resources. Most new operating systems (i.e., Microsoft 2000 / XP) have new security features built right into them and have updates available almost every day (or at least once a week). Older operating systems are usually at the end of their respective lifecycles and have minimum resources available to them to protect you against these elements.
  • Improve your investment with top-of-the-line PC's (or the best PC you can afford) with the understanding of what you are trying to accomplish with this piece of equipment.  New Pc's based on the above mentioned processor can increase productivity - meaning saving you time and compatibility with the latest and greatest technology available.


NOTE: None of these suggestions and/or product names where endorsed by the manufacturer listed above. The opinion expressed here is an independent suggestion to handling the above mentioned question.

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