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Digital Divide: An Equation Needing A Solution
An examination between groups regarding their ability to use technology effectively.
The Unstoppable Woman's Guide to Emotional Well-Being
The ground breaking, empowering book written by 24 female authors, coaches, and professional women share how you can be an unstoppable woman while maintaining emotional wellness. This book is an international delight! With authors from Hong Kong, South Africa, and the United States, you will surely find this to be a remarkably diverse set of ideals that will act as a springboard to your unavoidable happy destination.


Natural or human-caused, disasters happen.  Can your business or home afford to be at a standstill when your have no access to your critical items?  To protect against outages, we can design a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to protect your assets, your reputation and your valuables.  You'll be able to mitigate disaster risks to your systems and/or valuables, assure the recovery and availability of your mission-critical systems, and preserve valuable information assets with minimal interruption.

Careful planning, preparation and testing are essential to successfully respond to and recover from a disaster.  We identify your risks - along with their impact - then develop, test and implement a plan for responding at the level you require.


Today, organizations and individuals are more vulnerable than ever before with threats of terrorism in the physical world, as well as in cyberspace.  From this, downsizing and layoffs have resulted in thousands of disgruntles employees.  Organizations find themselves relying more on temporary and transient non-employee personnel, making internal security difficult to achieve.  With turnover rate being at an all time high, corporate loyalty has all but vanished.  These new vulnerabilities add greater cost and risk to doing business.  That's why organizations are seeking cost-effective solutions such as ours.


Disaster Recovery (Continuity) solutions consist:

  • Help you reduce or avoid revenue losses
  • Protect your mission-critical data by leveraging our ironclad infrastructure
  • Reduce downtime and increase employee productivity
  • Enable you to resume business and employee activities more quickly and cost-effective following a disaster or other unplanned interruption

What we have learned is that backup tapes alone does not ensure successful disaster recovery.  Anyone restoring systems needs to know the pre-disaster state of the infrastructure of the organization and many questions have to be answered, such as How many servers, desktops, and network devices are there? What was the exact configuration of each? What are the main task of the staff? Who is responsible for what?  Without maintaining accurate and current documentation, your organization is at risk.  


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