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Digital Divide: An Equation Needing A Solution
An examination between groups regarding their ability to use technology effectively.

The Unstoppable Woman's Guide to Emotional Well-Being
The ground breaking, empowering book written by 24 female authors, coaches, and professional women share how you can be an unstoppable woman while maintaining emotional wellness. This book is an international delight! With authors from Hong Kong, South Africa, and the United States, you will surely find this to be a remarkably diverse set of ideals that will act as a springboard to your unavoidable happy destination.


The objective of a technical audit (TA) is to document your existing environment to help you, as well as us understand the existing information systems in place before any changes or decisions are made.  In addition, this audit provides a snapshot for measuring progress, aids in troubleshooting, identify strengths and weaknesses of your computer environment, its configuration and it helps provide a high-level understanding of your business operation.  By providing an objective view of your system and business operation, we can help you proactively anticipate problems, both big and small, then work with you to develop the right solution.  

We offer an array of TA services to evaluate the reliability and performance of your personal computer(s), network components / architecture and/or business operations.

Technical Audit Process. . .

The process may cover any (or all) of the following aspects of your network configuration: 

  • File Servers
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Backups
  • Virus Protection
  • Server Security
  • Printing Environment
  • Communications
  • End User Environment

The process concludes with a report and onsite presentation detailing our findings: 

  • Overview
  • Current Environment
  • Recommendations
  • Digital Pictures

All recommendations are accompanied by pricing estimates and vendor literature that enable an informed evaluation of options for your organization.  The scope and price of the TA varies according to your needs.  Should your business circumstances call for work that will exceed that estimate, we will alert you before moving ahead, proceeding only after a plan of action has been agreed upon.


A Technical Audit provides an invaluable tool to determine the health of the existing systems already in place, and thus prevent potential disasters from occurring in the near future.  The cost of waiting could be devastating schedule your customized Technical Audit TODAY!    

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